Bootylicious Bootcamp

An evening bootcamp series focused on toning, & sculpting your booty!


Evening Group Training for Mums
Mon Wed  5:30pm-6:15pm 
$80 for 4 weeks
Starts Jan 17 – with $10 intro trial JAN 11 & 13


Feeling a little jiggly and run down?  Not enough time or energy for everything on your plate?  Well why not maximise your precious time with our evening Bootylicious bootcamp that will boost your energy and strengthen your muscles to help you get things done with an extra spring in your step and a smokin BOOTY in the process!

Be the one of the first 10 mums to JOIN NOW and receive these FREE add ons to enhance your success!!!

  • High Protein Meal Plan with shopping list and recipe
  • Before & After Pics/Measures/Testing
  • Goal Setting Plan

The Sessions:  I’ve developed progressions, modifications and motivational techniques in this series to get you in the best shape of your life.  Bootylicious includes all of my famous HIIT, Sculpt Fit and HIITlates moves with a little extra focus on the booty to keep you balanced, toned and looking like a curvy hot mamma!  You’ll be lunging, lifting, squatting, pressing, curtsying, planking and pulling your way to a sculpted energised body – able to do so much more in a day!

The Plan:  What you need is a plan… A plan and some dedication to me for the next 4 weeks. And I couldn’t be more excited to help. When you join my Bootylicious program, you are going to discover an incredibly easy combination of workouts that will help you reach your goals.  I tailor the workouts to suit ALL fitness levels and will push you out of your comfort zone to really change your body.  I will monitor your performance and guide you with progressions so that your body adapts with a stronger, leaner physique, giving you SO MUCH MORE energy and stamina for your busy mumlife.

The Nutrition:  We all know you can’t out train a bad diet.  Nutrition is the number one key to weight loss and a healthy body but for most of us is the hardest part.  But it doesn’t have to be that difficult.  I’ve taken out the guess work and put together a real meal plan (suitable for the entire family) full of high protein dinners, lunches and breakfast recipes with smoothie options, gluten free options, dairy free and vegetarian variations as well.  So take the load off yourself right now and have this part of your life sorted.  Be one of the first 10 mums to sign on and I will give you my new High Protein Recipe Pack and Meal Planner FREE!!!!

Monday evenings will feature our signature Fit HIIT workout which revs up your metabolism and gets you feeling super energised.  This circuit style session involves short bursts of maximal effort exercises mixed with recovery intervals using body weight and resisted exercise to ensure an all over focused workout.  Hight Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) increases the amount of calories burned during a session as well as after your workout because it makes you briefly push yourself beyond aerobic limits.  This causes the body to utilise more energy as it recovers and use more fat as fuel to make you one endurance machine.  Now that is definitely what a busy mum needs!

Wednesday evenings will hit you with our signature HIITlates.  This fusion of our Fit HIIT and Pilates involves 30 min of aerobic intervals and ends with 15 min of core strengthening Pilates exercise.  Your core is the foundation and support of your entire body and this one really works to help you connect and integrate your key support muscles so that it becomes automatic.  Your glutes are also key support muscles that help stabilise your hips so we focus lots of energy toward ensuring these are firing strong!  So you’ll be sure to fires up your body and train your abs and glutes on ‘Hump Day”!

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