Love Your Mummy Body!

A Weight Loss Program Designed For Mums


Want to learn how to lose your baby weight for good and be healthy & confident in time for summer? Join our Love Your Body Challenge and in 10 weeks you will learn how and what to eat, turn your ‘problem’ areas into ‘proud’ areas, and gain the tools you need to continue to look and feel amazing for life!

Simply changing the relationship you have with food can change your body almost instantly.  And who wouldn’t benefit from having a healthier relationship with food? We’ve all  tried ‘diets’ and labeled foods as “good” or “bad”.  Unfortunately this can lead to feelings of deprivation and depression which can actually  increase the urge to eat more of those ‘not so healthy’ foods.  And before you know it you’ve eaten your entire week’s calories (and it’s only Monday).

So how do you eat better? By learning what it feels like to actually be HUNGRY.  We will show you how and teach you easy tips like this one to incorporate into your daily family routine to help you lose the weight and keep it off forever.

Motherhood is full of challenges, some things you can change and others you can’t – lets change the things you can – your journey starts June 25th – Book in NOW!

STARTS June 25th


* Goal Setting & Nutritional Advice with An Exercise Physiologist
* Measurements/Photos & Fitness Testing ($10 extra for personalised measure/testing)
* Weekly Home Workout Plans
* 10 Weekly Lifestyle / Behaviour Challenge Tasks
* 5 Week Meal Planner (over 100 recipes – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
* Online Team Support
* Prizes!! (must book in for Personalised Measures & Testing to be eligible)
* Optional 3 Mummylicious Sessions/week (Extra Fee) MON WED FRI @9:30am at Paradise Point Parklands PARADISE POINT

Total Package: $100 ($80 without personalised measures/testing/prizes)

For Details Call 0409 470 484 or email

Last round we gave away a $110 Endota Spa treatment, $50 Harbour Town vouchers, Deli Cafe treats, Lorna Jane goodies and more!  Join in this round to discover a new Love for Your Body – it’s a WIN WIN!

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  •  Ezi Debit – $100 (or $80 for no photo/measures/testings/prize eligiblilty)
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Love Your Body Challenge Options

  • Credit Card – Call Christine 0409 470 484 to process


Love Your Body Success Stories:

Mummylicious Fitness is all about educating and motivating mums to prioritise their health and happiness through better nutrition, regular exercise and a healthy life balance. We don’t believe in food restrictions, crazy diets or enhancing supplements – just regular family friendly nutrition and easy to do workouts at home or with us here at Mummylicious. Learn more from these mums who have tried our program:Casey – lost 11kg and 68cm.img_1806“I cannot believe how far i have come in 10 weeks. Getting into the habbit of a healthy lifetyle was possible with the love your body challenge, not only does this programme give you support and guidance, But a whole new outlook onto the meaning of self love.”Ro – lost 11kg and 48cm.img_1792img_1793“After watching my friends do the previous challenge and seeing how much they changed physically and mentally I thought why not I’ll give it a go!! With two girls – 3 1/2 and a 7 month old, I knew something needed to change as I was heading down a dangerous road!!!  My goals were simple – change my eating habits (no more blocks of chocolate for dessert) increase my exercise and hopefully start running again and maybe just maybe loose some weight!!!
For the first week I struggled as the craving to eat and eat was still there! What saved me was following Christine’s meal plans which included receipts which were so easy to follow.
I also attended Mummylicious and did the running program. So after I got over the the first week I suddenly found my enjoyment for exercise had returned, I actually got excited to train!!
The biggest change I found though was my whole attitude to food!!!! Instead of feeling like eating all the time, and choosing foods which would make me feel worse, I started to make better decisions and eat foods that gave me energy to function better. This journey for me is a long one not a quick fix so I know I have a way to go. But I would highly recommend this to everyone…. it’s a change in lifestyle and I can see my family enjoying the change. Thank you to Christine and my other mummylicious friends you girls have helped me so much I couldn’t have done it without you. “Camille –  lost 3.7kg and 11cm.15033641_10154010030666024_1341939602_n 15032458_10154010030591024_1332988313_n 15046237_10154010030606024_800196571_n“Hi Christine, just want to say a huge thank you for the last 10 weeks, I am really happy that I have achieved what I wanted to achieve and feel a whole lot more comfortable in my clothes. I’m actually quite amazed at myself that I lasted the whole 10 weeks!!…but now I definitely don’t want to give up especially the exercise. Your guidance, workouts and tips/videos have been awesome. I can not thank you enough!HollyIMG_9742 Holly9 months ago I had a beautiful baby boy weighing 3.55kg. After I gave birth to him I weighed 116kg. The heaviest I had ever been. … I was unhappy with how I felt physically and mentally, in a bad place.  In March I met a mum who mentioned a fitness class called Mummylicious. Being the shy anxious me at the time, I was nervous to try it. But I did and became addicted. 
I weighed myself in April at 113kg. Since then I have been going to Mummylicious every Monday and Friday as well as doing the Love Your Body 10 Week Challenge and have lost 23.5 kg since April. I’m now 23.5 kg closer to my ultimate goal weight. 
I had to learn to love and embrace myself in order to get where I want to be. I have 20.9kg to go and I believe I can do it.” JasminIMG_9745 IMG_9747“So stoked to have just run straight for 20 minutes!!! (beginners run for this week). Yay! Might not seem much but for me this is such a great achievement! When I started the runs I literally could not run for the first 60 seconds without stopping to walk. Feel like I have come so far. Doing a little happy dance!” KatieIMG_9756 IMG_9755“10 weeks ago I decided to commit to the Love Your Body 10 Week Challenge with Mummylicious Fitness. I got my body back, I feel amazing and this program is something that integrates into everyday life!! Thanks so much for the guidance and support Christine!” CarlyIMG_9762 IMG_9763Today I achieved a goal I have been working towards for 3 years. I never in my wildest dreams thought that after having three children and being in my mid 30’s that I would want to, or be able to run 10km in an hour. I’m so proud and to be honest had a quiet moment of happy tears. I reflected on the fact that I can achieve anything that I set out to do – the body achieves what the mind believes!” Jaime:IMG_9752IMG_9750 AmyAmy” I wasn’t able to have my measurements taken by Christine due to distance & being away at the end but here’s my little brag- for a function I wore a dress I had bought (but never worn) before kids 4 years ago- size 8!!!!!!! Stoked to be able to achieve that.”

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