The Holistic Approach To Weight Loss

Losing weight and regaining fitness after having a baby is not an easy road. There are many challenges and choices that await those who embark on such a journey. But just like being organised for baby’s routine, a sensible structured plan involving multiple aspects is key to having the body you want. There is no use in dieting if you aren’t going to move. And you won’t get results if you do lunges or squats all day and then follow it up with a bag of chips. But more importantly, you’re headspace will have the biggest impact on your achievements.

You’ll need to tackle the behaviors that trigger over eating or that stop your motivation to exercise. Discovering any underlying psychological issues will free you from their burden and your journey will become enjoyable and easy. And learning ways to avoid self-punishment if you slip up will keep you on your path and propel you to triumph.

From a nutritional perspective, choosing whole foods that are nutrient dense will help nurture your wellness, instead of choosing calorie dense processed foods that increase body fat and heighten your cravings. And learning about simple combinations and portion control can make you feel empowered and more confident about yourself.

Physically, it’s important to include strength training and aerobic training in order to increase muscle mass for fat burning capacity and improve cardiovascular fitness for energy.  The combination of the two is key to your success.

So as you can see, the road to a better body doesn’t just begin with diet or exercise alone. A multifaceted approach is what we at Mummylicious find builds healthy happy mums!

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