28 Day Challenge for Mums

Starts Feb 19th - Mar 19th

  • Daily On Demand Mumsafe™ Workout Videos
  • Easy Nutritious Family Friendly Recipes & Meal Planner
  • 28 Days of Motivation & Tips 
  • Access to Your Mummy Support Team
  • Accountability Before / After Fitness Testing (optional)
  • 24-7 Support From Your Exercise Physiologist
  • Prizes!!
  • Finale Mumma’s Celebration 


It’s Time To Feel Fabulous Mumma!

No matter what stage of motherhood, your body has been through some major changes.  That’s why a regular exercise program just can’t tackle the task effectively. You need to recalibrate with a a MumSafe™ health plan filled with modifications to suit every body, at any stage of motherhood and one that’s time efficient for busy mums.


My 28 Day BODY RESET is perfect for YOU and takes into account the physiological changes of pregnancy and delivery – like pelvic floor weakness, abdominal separation, back pain, muscle weakness and fatigue.  It also addresses the mental overwhelm, anxiety and depression and the time constraints of motherhood.  


A wholistic approach is key for mums and it all starts with SAFE MOVEMENT and GOOD NUTRITION.  I personally don’t believe in unhealthy food restrictions, crazy diets or miracle promising supplements – just regular fresh food, family friendly nutritional recipes, combined with quick effective workouts and a healthy mindset.



You'll Target 3 Elements:


Reduce Fatigue & Gain Strength
Access Daily Mumsafe® Workouts
Address Nutritional Imbalances
Learn to Meal Plan for the family


Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Gain Confidence & Self-esteem
Change Negative Behavioural Patterns
Learn About Your Body & Feel Empowered


Create Connections
Access A 24/7 Support Team
Make Lifelong Friendships
Celebrate At Our Girls Night Finale

How The Challenge Works..



I’ll set you up each week with a simple meal plan accessible online. Easy to follow, no weird food restrictions – just healthy nutritious recipes that you’ll use for a lifetime. Each will teach you a healthy combination of carbs, protein and fats and how to reduce foods that cause inflammation, low energy levels and fogginess.
I’ll also help you to develop a healthy relationship with food to instantly feel better about yourself.  You’ll get online access to all the Meal Plans including breakfast lunch, dinner and snacks for each day.



Each day starts with a lifestyle tip or habit change email. You’ll tackle mindful eating, change negative thought patterns, learn how to dine out with better choices and more! These skills will compliment your exercise and nutrition efforts as part of the wholistic approach to feeling better in your skin. It’s not a magic pill. It’s YOU taking control, becoming more self-aware and being realistic. Your journey awaits Mumma!!!




I get it, busy mums don’t have time for long tedious workouts. That’s why with my Weekly Workout guide and quick online videos you’ll only need just 20-30 min – the perfect length to build muscle and condition your body without interrupting your day. Each workout has a different focus to ensure you get the right combination of strength, cardio and core conditioning to achieve your fitness results safely and appropriate for mums.    And you can do them in the comfort of your home right off your phone!



Access to our Private Challenge Facebook Group members will also give you support along the way and help motivate you as you take your journeys together. You can connect, ask questions, share wins and more in our inclusive safe group page.  So many of our past members have joined together to create amazing new support groups and friendships along the way! It’s a great place to get much needed parenting support too!

Meet Your Personal Health Coach…

My name is Christine and I’m a mum of two and your Personal Trainer. I have a background in Exercise Physiology and I will be there for you in every way along this 28 Day journey. I’ll be accessible online to ensure you are staying on track and answer any questions you have along the way. But although I love to guide you, I am not about holding your hand forever – I’m about empowering YOU to have the tools to change your life and become a happy healthy role model for your children, your families and your friends for a lifetime!

What to Do Next..

1. Secure Your Spot

Click on the button below to register for the 28 Day Challenge – TOTAL BODY RESET (members click Member Offer)

2. Payment

Activate your 28 DAY CHALLENGE registration with payment here: 

3. Check Your Inbox

Once your spot is secured for the 28 Day Challenge, check your email inbox (junk mail if you can’t find it)
and you’ll receive your Challenge Online Portal login details. Login and Voila! You’ll have access to the
first week’s workout, recipes and meal plan!

4. Attend Sunday Pre – Testing & Measurements

Book in time for Fitness Testing and Measures on Sunday 8am at Paradise Point Parklands or follow the
home measurement instructions from your Challenge Success Manual (only those attending the in-person
testing qualify for challenge prizes).

5. Start Your 28 Day Challenge Nutrition, Mindset and Workouts

You will receive daily email motivation and access to your workout, nutrition and mindset plan to follow
for the next 28 days. It’s all managed for you – you just need to GET IT DONE.

6. Finale & Prizes

At the end of the Challenge you will join all of the Challenge Team for a celebration of success and
awarding of prizes for Most Improved Fitness & Best Overall Results. It’s a well-deserved Girls Night for the
mums that devote everything to their families.




I promise that my quick easy plan will reset your health to reduce cravings, boost your energy and motivate you to better cope with stress. Be prepared to be EDUCATED, MOTIVATED and ELEVATED toward feeling fabulous! You’ll prioritise your health through better nutrition, safe exercise and a healthy life balance for you and your family.


It’s hard juggling all the balls all the time – I get it – I’m a mum too, but GIRL – it’s time to stop and put you first! I’m giving you permission to step off the ‘mummy treadmill’ and look after YOU.



With So Many Inclusions You Can't Go Wrong...


Daily Recipe Options

  • Inflammation & Stress Reducing 
  • Quick & Easy To Prepare Recipes
  • Gluten Free Options
  • No Weird Food Restrictions
  • Option For 2 Day Cleansing Reset
  • Not Recommended If Exclusively

Daily Online Workouts

  • MumSafe™ Workouts
  • Quick HIIT Sessions
  • Total Body Strength Training
  • Cardio – Interval Walk/Ride/Swim
  • Stretch & Core Conditioning
  • Suits All Fitness Levels
  • Mix & Match Your Favs 
Support Team

Support 24/7


  • Accountability Check Ins
  • Privete Facebook Team Page
  • Daily Email Motivation / Tasks
  • Before & After Measures / Testing
  • Finale Celebration
  • Group Meet Up Before & After
  • Challenge Team Access

Full Payment $89

What Mums Say About Our Program

What Mums Say About Our Program


My 28 Day Challenge is a life-changing journey filled with new experiences and self-discovery. It is a program created to help you reach your goals with intention by following nutritional meal plans full of high-quality protein, healthy fats, nutrient dense greens, and real fruits and vegetables.  You’ll also be active with our online Mumsafe™ workout videos each day to improve strength and fitness. We start with baseline measures and fitness testing and finish with our final re-testing to highlight your results.  Each Challenger starts and finishes at the same time so that we are all in it together.  It’s a great motivation and inspiration for your success. 

  • Naturally balances blood sugar and helps eliminate cravings
  • Supports hormone production and rebalancing
  • Improves brain health and helps protect against disease
  • Improves memory and clears fog and mummy brain
  • Improves digestion and helps with milk production
  • Increases energy levels, strength & stamina
  • Improves fertility
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Decreases anxiety and mood swings
  • Helps reduce risk of and cope with postnatal depression

Each person is unique, so results will depend on a number of factors such as starting health and fitness level, age, time available etc.  I am committed to supporting everyone through their individual goals.  Progress comes from one tiny change at a time and depends on your commitment and your “Why” which we cover in the program.  The habit changes you’ll learn will create a healthier happier lifestyle for you and your family.

You sure can!!  Our program is designed to either complete online or you can combine it with your favourite Mummylicious classes in the park.  Many of our members have used it to enhance results and meet new mums along the way! And with our penned Baby Play Zone complete with complimentary Nannies, it’s a perfect option to get outdoors and make an outing of it.  

For the online workouts, all you need is some space at home and your phone and maybe some dumbbells if you would like to enhance results.  But there is always options for resistance around your house.  You can complete your entire challenge completely equipment free and still get great results. 

The Workouts are 20-30 minutes or longer if you decide to take breaks in the middle.  We’ve designed them with the busy mum in mind. Quick and  easy to fit in workouts are perfect for time poor mummies.  

The meal plan consists of many Gluten Free options as well as some Vegetarian options. You have full control to swap out recipes or foods for alternative options (ie protein for protein).  There are over 60 family friendly recipes that I’m sure you’ll continue to use after the Challenge finishes.  

Each individual will have their own journey of progress and everyones success will be celebrated at our Finale Night at the end of the Challenge.  But we do like to highlight those who have gone above and beyond to improve their health and wellness.  We take into account body composition, strength and stamina as well as adherence to the program and award the top 3 winners with prizes.  You can choose to be in it or not but you will need to attend testing in person.  

So if you’re ready to be…..

Less exhausted & overwhelmed!

In tune with your body physically & mentally!

Stronger and less sore everywhere!

Motivated to exercise!

Energised by a super simple healthy meal plan!

And finally Loving Your Body!

Don’t miss out!

28 Day Challenge $89 – Starts Sunday Feb 19th


Goal Setting & Nutritional Guidance with Exercise Physiologist ($80 value)

Measurements/Photos & Fitness Testing ($20 extra for in-home)

4 Weeks Workouts – online videos to stream ($120 value)

4 Weeks Meal Planner ($60)

4 Weekly Behaviour Change Tasks ($40 value) 

24/7 Online Team Support

Finale to celebrate success (optional) * Prizes!!



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