Important to the CORE

Katie Harders (postnatal Pilates Instructor) writes:  As a Pilates instructor, people always ask me why should I do Pilates? There are many reasons but most important for any mum or mum-to-be is the fact that it helps increase energy levels to help you keep up with your children (whether they are new born or school age).  It also improves posture which is important because poor spinal alignment can lead to many aches and pains which can really slow you down.  It also develops body awareness and the all important core strength that will help decrease your risk of getting back pain and help prepare the body for child birth in the future. The more you can connect with your pelvic floor before or during your pregnancy, the better you will understand the postnatal pelvic floor exercises your doctor or midwife prescribe to you. Pilates is great for all fitness levels as you can take the exercises at your own pace.  Join us at Balanced Body Pilates today!  Next 10 Week Course starts August 25th, 2014

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