30 Day Challenge – Join Us!

Ok so winter is the time we all tend to put on a little extra padding right? Eat a little more and exercise a little less……but not this year!!!   Introducing the Mummylicious 30 Day Challenge!!!

It’s a chance to set yourself a challenge to complete it each day for the next 30 days (starts June 20th).  But you can start from Day 1 anytime.

I will be posting on our Facebook page a small workout each day with 4 different challenges, you can make it as hard or as easy as you like. Pick 1, 2, 3 or all 4 challenges and consistently work through them each day.

There will be a Burpee, Total Body, Ab and Plank challenge to choose from. It will start out easy and progressively get harder as you get stronger. Keep consistent and trust the process – you will be amazed with what you can achieve in just 30 days! And you can do it anywhere, anytime – it’s quick, it’s easy and it will be so rewarding!!!

If you want to be part of the challenge like our page and check it out for the daily workout.

The next 30 days will pass no matter what, but what if you could change your body in just one month!

30 Day Challenge

Rules of the Challenge: 

It’s simple – do something every day for 30 days. If you miss a day just remember that it WILL make it harder to start up again so DON’T SKIP A DAY!!! I have provided plenty of REST days for you.

Each day I will post 4 Challenges. You pick the challenge for you and do the exercise(s) for that day. You can set yourself 1, 2, 3 or all 4 challenges. Here is what I suggest:

Beginner – 1 challenge
Intermediate – 2 or 3 challenges
Advanced – all 4 challenges

The challenges are:
1 Burpees (going from 5 to 100 in 30 days)
2 Total Body (up to 30 Push 30 Dips 100 Lunges & 100 MtnClimbers)
3 Abs (Sit ups from 15 to 100, Leg Lowers 5 to 60)
4 Plank (from 25 sec to 2 min)

Make sure you have medical clearance to participate in exercise before you begin the challenge and do not take up the challenge if you have an existing back, neck, hip, knee shoulder or any other injury that will prevent you from performing the exercises correctly and safely. Mummylicious does not take responsibility for any injuries or health issues sustained as a result of participation in the challenge. (We do however provide exercise rehab personal training should you need some guidance).

Perform all exercises with correct technique and please message me if you are not sure about any of the exercises. Listen to your body, choose the right level for you and go at your own pace.

Let us know when you have completed the task by posting a comment.

And just have loads of fun doing it – post a comment after each workout – let us in on your pain, achievements, motivation, if you are having a flat day etc – the more we workout together the easier it will be! Let’s support each other and get us all to the finish line.

Can’t wait to hear from YOU!

Here is the total plan:

30 Day Winter Challenge

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