5 Tips to a Healthier Weekend

 5 Tips to a Healthier Weekend

Finding it hard to lose weight and feel IMG_0556good about yourself? You might be spoiling all your hard work simply by slacking on the weekend. For most mums, Friday rounds out another groundhog week of motherhood, and the thought of picking up an easy takeaway, kicking back with a well deserved glass/bottle of wine and catching up on your fav shows is all that’s on your mind. Then Saturday brings a little longer sleep in, then its off rushing children to parties, family get-togethers or sport activities. By Sunday, you’re already swamped thinking of the week ahead and so you think….a few little sweet treats here and there might temporarily lessen the misery.

As Monday morning sets in, the guilt of overeating and under-exercising fuels the drive to get back on track for the week and try desperately to undo your over-indulgence.  It’s a vicious cycle that doesn’t get you anywhere.

But if you really want to make your goals happen and achieve better results, it’s gotta be a 7 days a week plan. Stop your counter-productive cycle now and try these tips to stay on track:

Do a longer workout – the weekend is the best time to have a longer session. Usually Dad is home to help out with the kids and with not being so rushed,you can extend your workout to include a little cardio, strength and core work. Why not go for a mind distressing run with a friend or hit the gym for some yoga.

Practice moderation – for your 7 day plan you need to ensure you get enough rest between workouts. Try not to overdo it during the week so that you aren’t so exhausted by the time Friday rolls around that you fall in a heap. The best mix for your week is 2-3 days strength training (30-60min), 2-3 days cardio (30-60min) and a day of flexibility/Pilates or yoga (20-45min). Note: Try to do one day cardio and the next day strength to allow for muscle repair and strengthening.

Limit alcohol – just because you were good all week, that doesn’t mean its OK to make up for it with a Friday or Saturday binge night of drinking. The calories in drinks quickly add up and remember, alcohol makes you crave more food, causes increased inflammation and slows down fat metabolism. Try to sip one glass of wine and savor the taste as you ease into your weekend.

De-stress – your 7 day plan should always include a day of rest and Sundays are perfect for that. Try and find a quiet corner in the house during naptime for some peaceful meditation or yoga. Let your mind be quiet and feel the serenity. It will help reduce the build up of stress hormones that can lead to increased belly fat.

Add a “cheat meal”
– Total restriction diets can be boring and hard to sustain – allowing yourself to splurge a little at ONE mealtime can reduce food obsessions or cravings and keep up the motivation of eating healthy during the week. But make sure it is a cheat meal and not a cheat day – don’t totally blow out the calories so that you regret it all week.

Now go out and have a great weekend!


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