Simple Weight Loss Tip

Weight Loss Tip: Stop Eating When You’re Full

ate too muchA lot of us believe that we stop eating when we are full, but it’s actually not true most of the time! Think of the last thing you ate. Did you stop eating because your stomach told you or because you ran out of food?

Most of us tend to let our external, visual cues determine how much to eat instead of listening to our bodies.

Did you know that it takes twenty minutes before the brain gets the word that the belly is full? By that time we have usually done and dusted our meal and are onto dessert.  Or if you’re like me and time is not on your side, you throw down your meal so you can feed your children, get them bathed and to bed to have some well deserved alone time.

So what should you do?

small plate foodFirst, start with less food on your plate (um no brainer).  Try using a smaller plate – it will seem like a normal meal size (in relation to the plate) but contain less food and fewer calories.

Second, try to rest for a few moments between the bites. Chew more, and allow yourself to really enjoy each bite.  Be a mindful eater and savour the flavours and the experience.  And if mealtime is too rushed, get your child’s meal and routine organised first so that you have time to sit down and relax with yours.

Third, eat more REAL food. It’s a lot more difficult to overeat on real, whole and raw foods than highly processed, calorie-soaked junk food.

Fourth, eat with your “opposite” hand!  It’s tricky but it’ll force you to slow down when you eat. And it’s always good for a laugh!

Lastly, don’t feel guilty about leaving something on your plate.  My mother always told me to eat everything on my plate.  I know she only had good intentions of teaching me manners but sorry Mum, this is probably one piece of advice I won’t be passing on to my children.

So mums, this week, slow down, savour your food and stop eating when you’re full at EVERY meal!

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