Getting to the Core


Getting to the Core

A Free Workshop to Help You Activate Your Core

You are invited to attend Getting to the Core – a FREE child-friendly workshop for mums. This interactive session will include a short anatomy and practical demonstration with useful imagery to help you correctly activate and strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles.

Most mums experiece back pain due to a weak core and 1 in every 3 mothers will have some degree of urinary incontinence at some stage during motherhood. So we feel it’s important for you to have the knowledge and tools to keep your body strong and healthy. Pilates specialist, Katie from Gold Coast Physio & Sports Health will teach you how to engage these unique muscles and guide you through a quick Pilates based series that you can do at home. You’ll also learn which exercises to avoid and some modifications you can apply in class.

We hope you can join us! There will be a little swim at the enclosure after the session, so bring your swimmers and towels and make a morning of it.

When:    Monday 17th October| 2016
Time:   10:30am (after Fit HIIT)
Where: Paradise Point Parklands (on the grass in front of cafes)
Cost:    Free – bring some morning tea or snacks for you and your little one



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