Need Motivation?



LESS STRESS – Exercise produces a relaxation response = Happy Mummy!

BETTER POSTURE – Improves core strength & postural support = Less Pain!

MORE ENERGY – Exercise produces endorphins = Energised for your busy dayl

MORE CONFIDENCE – Improves physique, adds sense of achievement = Feel Great!

EAT MORE – Muscle burns calories & increases metabolism = Enjoy Treats!

BOOST BRAIN POWER – Exercise increases serotonin in the brain = Mental Clarity

20 MINUTES – Exercise needs only to be 20- 60 mins of your day = Totally Doable!

FIGHT DISEASE – Prevents Heart Disease, Stroke, BP, Diabetes 2, Osteo = Stay Healthy

FEWER BEATS – Exercise strengthens heart, more blood pumped per beat = Live Longer

Don’t just think about the number on the scales ……..

If You Can Function Better & Feel Good About Yourself,

You Will Be The Best Role Model For Children!


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