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Feeling unmotivated to run lately? All of us have days when we don’t feel like running. It’s raining outside right now and I can’t help but thinking…hmmm if I don’t go for a run today, my running shoes will be nice and dry for tomorrow 🙂  It happens to all of us – none of us are immune to the ‘Lack of Motivation’ monster.

So here are some tips that help me when I fall out of the groove…

short runThink small…. If your planned run is 10k, promise yourself half that distance (5k). Once you get
going, you will more than likely do the entire thing. But if you still aren’t keen at the halfway mark, give yourself a break – at least you did more than not going at all.

Listen to Tunes or a Podcast…. Music is an awesome motivation. Studies have shown that music can reduce your perception of fatigue and drive you to longer distances and faster runs. And if music isn’t your thing try an interesting podcast that will get you thinking about the topic instead of your feet pounding the pavement.

DisciplineJust Do It….. If your ultimate plan is to participate in a fun run or long distance event, there will likely be a point in the race where you feel like you just can’t go any further. Encouraging yourself to train or run on days when you aren’t motivated, will help you at these points on race day when you want to quit. Learning a little discipline with your running will make you a stronger more empowered athlete and mum.

Find a Buddy….. Booking in a running date with some friends will keep you accountable and help you catch up on all the goss at the same time. If you can’t find any of your friends to join you, there are lots of running groups like Running Mums Australia or Trail Chix where you can meet mums of all ages and abilities to keep you company and encourage you all the way. My group runs are definitely the highlight of my week!


Running isn’t for everyone but you can apply this motivation strategy to any workout you like.  And if you thinking about starting a run program, make sure you wait at least 3 months post baby before beginning – just to allow your body time to recover from pregnancy and prepare for the vigorous workout.  Always make sure that you have good fitting shoes, a supportive bra and stay hydrated.  Start out slow and steady and let your body adapt to the training.

So there you go…..

Just go

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