28 Day Challenge

28 Day Challenge – Starts October 11th!

Hey Mumma – do you need a quick and easy plan that will reboot and reset your health?  Are you keen to reduce those cravings, boost your energy and motivation so you can cope better with stress?

Well then, this challenge is exactly what you need! I will EDUCATE, MOTIVATE and ELEVATE you toward feeling fabulous. I’ll help you prioritise your health and happiness through better nutrition, safe exercise and a healthy life balance for you and your family.

It’s hard juggling all the balls all the time for most of us our default setting is to feel guilty about putting ourselves first. Social media pressures just add to the mix by making us believe everyone else looks so perfect and so in control of their lives.  

Well mumma it’s time to stop the scroll and listen up.  I’m giving you permission to step off the ‘mummy treadmill’ and look after YOU! I’ll show you how to prioritise your health to better deal with everything motherhood. AND REALLY LOVE YOUR BODY AGAIN!




 I don’t believe in unhealhty food restrictions, crazy diets or enhancing supplements – just regular whole food family friendly nutrition, easy to do workouts and getting into the right mindset. Feeling good in your skin should be a wholistic approach so we focus on:

Physical Support

  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Daily Mum Safe Workout
  • Address Nutritional Imbalances
  • Learn to Meal Plan for the family

Emotional Support

  • Reduce the Overwhelm
  • Gain Confidence & Self-esteem
  • Change Behavioural Patterns
  • Create Connections

Mental Support

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Time Management Skills
  • Learn About Your Body
  • Change Negative Patterns

So what does it include?



I get it, busy mums don’t have time for long tedious workouts. That’s why with my online videos you’ll only need just 20-30 min – the perfect length to build muscle and condition your body without interrupting your day. You can do them in the comfort of your home right off your phone!




I’ll set you up each week with a simple meal plan accessible online. Easy to follow, no weird food restrictions. Just healthy nutritious recipes that you’ll use for a lifetime. Each will teach you a healthy combination of carbs, protein and fats and how to reduce foods that cause inflammation, low energy levels and fogginess.

I’ll also help you to develop a healthy relationship with food to instantly feel better about yourself.  You’ll get online access to all the Meal Plans including breakfast lunch, dinner and snacks for each day.



Each day starts with a lifestyle tip or habit change. You’ll tackle mindful eating, change negative thought patterns, learn how to dine out with better choices and more! These skills will compliment your exercise and nutrition efforts as part of the wholistic approach to feeling better in your skin. It’s not a magic pill. It’s YOU taking control, becoming more self-aware and being realistic. Your journey awaits Mumma!!!




Access to our Private Challenge Facebook Group members will also give you support along the way and help motivate you as you take your journeys together.  So many of our past members have joined together to create amazing new support groups and friendships along the way! It’s a great place to get much needed parenting support too!

Your Personal Health Coach…

My name is Christine and I’m a mum of two and your Personal Trainer. I have a background in Exercise Physiology and I will be there for you in every way along this 28 Day journey. I’ll be accessible online to ensure you are staying on track and answer any questions you have along the way. But although I love to guide you, I am not about holding your hand forever – I’m about empowering YOU to have the tools to change your life and become a happy healthy role model for your children, your families and your friends for a lifetime!

So Join NOW if you’re ready to be…..

✔ Less exhausted & overwhelmed! ✔ In tune with your body physically & mentally! ✔ Stronger and less sore everywhere! ✔ Motivated to exercise! ✔ Energised by a super simple healthy meal plan! ✔ And finally Loving Your Body!



28 Day Challenge  $49 – Starts Monday Oct 11th – Don’t miss out!


* Goal Setting & Nutritional Guidance with Exercise Physiologist ($80 value)

* Measurements/Photos & Fitness Testing ($20 extra for in-home)

* 4 Weeks Workouts – online videos to stream ($80 value)

* 4 Weeks Meal Planner ($60)

* 4 Weekly Behaviour Change Tasks ($30 value) * 24/7 Online Team Support

* Finale to celebrate success (optional) * Prizes!!

(must book in for Personalised Measures & Testing to be eligible for prizes – Testing Sunday and Monday 8am – July 25/26th)

OPTIONAL: If you find it difficult to workout at home on your own, you Can Also Join our Mummylicious Group Fitness Classes – CLICK HERE

Full Payment $49  

OR PayPal:


Challenge Success Stories:

I recently participated in the Mummylicious 28 Day Challenge – initially I didn’t want to do it, even though I wasn’t happy with my body (either how it looked or how it felt) but I thought I would just tackle it in my own. But I wasnt making any of the changes I needed to, then I realised that doing the challenge as part of a group would give me the inspiration and motivation to get started! I’m so glad I did it. I have made some positive changes and am feeling stronger and fitter. And I’ve really enjoyed the camaraderie of the group. 😀🎉 I’m so glad I did it. I have made some positive changes and am feeling stronger and fitter. And I’ve really enjoyed the camaraderie of the group. 😀🎉 Marie – mum of 2

Thanks so much Christine the challenge has been life changing!! Well done everyone!!!  Jess – mum of 3

I just LOVE this amazing community of incredible & strong ladies! Thank YOU Christine for not only this challenge, but for everything! You are one of a kind! so proud of everyone, and it was so much fun celebrating together on the last night!!  xx. Danni – mum of 2

I’m very grateful for having Christine in my life. Since joining Mummylicious and Christine’s Challenge I have learnt to love myself so much more and have built so much confidence. I appreciate everything you do so much and am so grateful to be a part of the Mummylicious village! Steph – mum of 1

Christine! This challenge was fantastic! I was down 1.3kg in the first week, stuck to the meal plans and workouts and felt better right away. The food is just so yummy! And easy! Jen – mum of 2

I cannot believe how far I have come in 10 weeks. Getting into the habbit of a healthy lifetyle was possible with the love your body challenge, not only does this programme give you support and guidance, But a whole new outlook on the meaning of self love. Sarah – mum of 3

A massive thank you to Christine for all the help, support, information and encouragement she gave us while being part of the 10 week challenge and also during Mummylicious training. I know I have learnt a lot and will take away some great motivation and also some yummy recipes from this journey. Thanks again and congratulations to all who participated. Prue – mum of 1

I haven’t bought lunch at work a single time (I’ve packed lunch and snacks every day)! I’ve really changed my purchasing habits to reduce temptation. Karla – mum of 2

Today I achieved a goal I have been working towards for 3 years. I never in my wildest dreams thought that after having three children and being in my mid 30’s that I would want to, or be able to run 10km in an hour. I’m so proud and to be honest had a quiet moment of happy tears. I reflected on the fact that I can achieve anything that I set out to do – the body achieves what the mind believes!” Jaime

I’m feeling so much better and have done 3 runs this week – so back to my old self after Fibromyalgia diagnosis – with this program I was able to up the exercise safely and I’m taking the positive high road instead of dwelling, so far so good!  Your program has helped me through! Shona – mum of 1

Congrats to all the Challenge ladies! Wow thank you so very very much Christine I’ve learnt so much from you and I’ve loved the workouts and all your support! I know I’ve got a long way to go but I am definitely on the right track! Thanks again! Kim – mum of 4

Thanks for all your inspiration, it is so nice to get back in the groove again   I’m loving the motivation to exercise and the workouts are easy to do at home with the kids. I’m also loving the meal plan, particularly for dinners as thinking about what to cook really stresses me out. I’m eating a lot better when often I’d skip meals and reach out for a processes snack. ❤️❤️❤️ Jenna – mum of 2

I did the weights workout today and it made me realise that a short simple regime like that was is enough to burn – my thought process before was I was not going to see any results until i joined a gym & did a one hour pump class to do my whole body. Rianna – mum of 1

The meal planning makes things so easy I don’t have to think about dinners, just do a shopping list and the rest is done. I pick 2 breakfast, morning snack, lunch, arvo snack and just alternate for the week. 100% loving it! Fleur – mum of 2

I love everything about this challenge. I thought i would struggle with food, however the meals are delicious. Im looking forward to the next couple of weeks 🤗 Vesna – mum of 1

I thought I’d really struggle with the calories but the meal plans and recipes are really filling, I’m not finding myself hungry.  Exercise is going well too, doing the home workouts when not at class. Had a sneaky weigh in and lost a decent amount for my first week so that’s only gave me more motivation to try my best 🤞🏼 Amy – mum of 1

Christine is truly is gifted, I’ve come out of this with more awareness about my body and my energy and mindset have been invigorated. Her approach is encouraging and incredibly professional. I have loved being part of the challenge. Renae – mum of 1