Balanced Body Pilates

Get 'Hard Core' while baby has some playtime!


Tuesdays  9:30-10:15
Paradise Point Parklands

Balanced Body Pilates is a personalised, small group exercise program for mums of children of all ages. Our baby friendly MumSafe ™ sessions allow you to start your day with an energising, realigning, strengthening power session. It’s a chance for you and baby to get out of the house, and focus on your mind, body and soul.

What is Balanced Body?

It’s a total body workout that uses MumSafe ™ Pilates methods to work your core as you incorporate toning exercises of the extremities. It’s a non-impact session done on a mat, teaching you how to engage and improve your pelvic floor function as well as deep core muscles. Spinal alignment and  strength and tone is a big focus in this workout to help you regain optimal posture and function. We also help improve pelvic floor weakness, prolapse symptoms, abdominal separation and more with our specialised techniques.

What is a typical class?

You won’t need any special equipment and you don’t need any Pilates experience. Simply wear normal gym or yoga clothes, bare feet or socks and use a mat or towel to lay on. Baby can either play in our special play penned Baby Zone or in a stroller or on a mat beside you. We will take you through a series of strengthening exercises performed to gentle music and finish each session with relaxing breathing methods.

What will I achieve?

Awareness & correct engagement of the pelvic floor
Flattening and toning of your ‘mummy tummy’
Sculpt & shaping of the upper body
Improved posture & muscular balance
Reduced stress – relaxation & breathing methods
Take home positioning techniques to adapt into your mummy lifestyle

How do I book in?

Register for a free trial online HERE or send an email to or call 0409 470 484 for further information.

Casual sessions are $18 or $12 per week on our direct debit membership plan.

After your FREE week trial you can choose from our weekly membership options with a minimum 4 week term, after which your membership remains ongoing with a 2 week notice of cancellation policy.

(class bookings required)
(class bookings required)
3 Classes
(class bookings required)
2 Classes
(class booking required)
1 Class


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