Sculpt Fit

Burn calories, rev up your metabolism and get those hormones under control.

Sculpt Fit 
Fridays 9:30am – 10:15am Paradise Point

The most effective way to boost your metabolism and burn fat is strength training. Aerobic exercise is great for cardiovascular conditioning and burning calories during a workout but strength training builds metabolic muscle tissue that burns calories all day (even when you are sleeping – not that we get much of that).   It also helps regulate hormones, which are often out of wack post-pregnancy. Strengthening exercises help reduce stress hormones to help you relax and elevate growth hormones which mobilise fat for fuel – that’s what every woman wants!!

Every mum should incorporate some form of muscle training into their fitness program to regulate hormones, maintain a healthy weight and develop strong bones.  An our Sculpt Fit does exactly that. This circuit style workout involves free weights, fit balls, medicine balls, chin bars and various equipment to help you sculpt and tone in this quick and efficient 45 minute session.  This one suits all fitness levels especially those new to exercise.

This child friendly session allows your little ones to socialise and play – you can choose to have your child in a stroller, on a mat beside you or in our Baby Play Zone 3m play-penned area in the centre of our circuit. And we also provide a free baby assistant who will be happy to entertain your baby while you sweat.

How to join:

Simply complete our Online Registration Form or call Christine on 0409 470 484 to book in for your Free Week Trial. Once you’ve tried it, you can activate the membership that suits your lifestyle. (Casual sessions are $15 but must be pre-booked 24 hours in advance). With our flexible membership option, you can attend Sculpt Fit once per week or combine this class with any of our other Bodylicious Series Sessions like Stroller Group or Fit HIIT to maximise your results.

Payment Options:

Casual Pass: $ 15 (Bookings Required)


PEAK FIT           3 Sessions/week     $25
BODYLICIOUS   2 Sessions/week    $20
STARTER           1 Session/week      $10

After your FREE week trial you can choose from our weekly membership options with a minimum 4 week term, after which your membership remains ongoing with a 2 week notice of cancellation policy.

  • Call Christine on 0409 470 484 to receive a direct debit form
  • or Email
Contact Christine 0409 470 484 or email for more info.