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Post Natal Exercise

Our exercise programs target the physiological effects and weaknesses caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

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Fun For Bub

Mummylicious helps make nature your gym and baby's playground.

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The small group format lets you spend quality time with your baby in the company of other great mums.

Balanced Body Pilates - Paradise Point Park
9:30 am - 10:15 am
June 18, 2024

Baby Friendly & Flexible Fitness!

Baby will be entertained by songs, visual stimulation and fun activities in the workout.  You'll also get that necessary bonding time crucial to their development.

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  • Weekly Payments!

    First Week Free - Register OnlineFREE
    Unlimited Sessions$35
    3 Sessions$25
    2 Sessions $20
    1 Session$10
    Casual - Booking Required$15

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  • NEW Mums on the Run 8 Week Program!

    Mums on the Run'

    Our Learn to Run Program is a weight loss / cardio building / hormone balancing running program designed for busy mums.

    The program will take you from walking to jogging, easing you in gradually and safely, using a proven walk/run interval progression that will reduce the chance of joint or muscle injury so that you can really enjoy your runs and achieve 5 km with a smile on your face. .

I started Mummylicious in April 2010.  I love coming to mummylicious, mostly for the exercise which is always different and heaps of fun, and a great workout which you feel the next day. BUT most of all I love the catch up with friends each week, and the meeting of all the lovely new mummies that join us.
Haylee & Noah