Week 1 – Goal Setting


  1. Figure Out Your Barriers:

I know we all have excuses why we can’t do it – too tired, not motivated, the baby won’t leave me alone.  I have them too – life is busy!  But let’s figure out how to get around that.  Think of all the excuses and negative self talk that you do or say to yourself that stops you from exercising.  Write them down – then think of a plan to avoid them – write that down.  

Here is an example:

Barrier:          “The baby won’t leave me alone”  

Fix:                  Find time when baby is asleep – this may mean getting up earlier but you will start your day with exercise uninterrupted and be able to get on with your day knowing your fitness is taken care of. 

Barrier:          “it’s too hot or too cold to exercise” 

Fix:                  In the summer months sometimes it does get hot and humid.  But find an alternative like doing your workout early or waiting until baby is asleep and putting on the air con or fan and do it in your house.  In the winter rug up or do Zoom sessions online indoors.

Barrier:           “I don’t have the motivation”

Fix:                  Reinforce your reasons to change – make a poster or screensaver – get some images and words that describe how you want to feel (healthy, toned, energised, in control, happy etc) and put it in plane sight (on the fridge) or on your phone where you are constantly seeing it.  Include the feelings you get after a workout and the things you want to achieve (confident, happy, strong, motivated a runner, a triathlete, able to do full push ups etc).  This will be your go to reminder why you SHOULD workout. 

ACTION TO TAKE:  Make a list of all your excuses and beside them list all the solutions to get around them.  Make a motivation board/screen and post it where you can see it.

  1. Set Some Goals:

The best way to get somewhere is to know where you are going.  Use the SMART goal technique.  Make it Specific (lose 2kg or run 10k), make sure it is Measurable (not ‘get fit’ but be able to run the stairs without huffing and puffing), make it Achievable – (do something you know you could do – like signing up for the Stampede), make it Realistic (you wouldn’t be able to run a marathon in a months time so be realistic – more like 1 year’s time), and give yourself a Timeframe (again – set a date that you would like to achieve it – run 10k nonstop in 6 months, or do 50 push ups on my toes in 3 months). 

ACTION TO TAKE:  Write down your goals.  Break it down into easy to do pieces.  Find a goal for 1 years time and work backward into 6 months time, 3 months time and 1 months time.   Write 1 or 2 goals for each section – see the Goal Setting Worksheet.

Example:  1 Year Goal is to run a marathon:

  • 6 months: Run a half marathon
  • 3 months: Run a 10k non-stop
  • 1 month:  Run consistently 3 times per week 
  • 1 Week:   Start with run/walk program


  1. Book In Your Workouts:

Check your Love Your Body Week 1 Workout Program and schedule the days and time you will be exercising each week – do your diary on the weekend when you have a little more time.  

Write in your Home Sessions and/or Mummylicious Classes (3 strength days, 2 cardio walk/runs, 1 stretch or Pilates day and 1 day of REST).  Mummylicious classes can be used in place of the Home Strength Workouts.  Probably easiest to get your workouts done first thing in the morning before baby wakes or after they go down for a nap.  Get up 30-60 minutes earlier (no matter how tired you feel) and just do it.  Even if you just promise yourself to do 10 minutes of exercise, after the 10 minutes I know you will want to do more.  But if not – you have that option.  

With your workouts penned you will be in AUTOMATIC mode.  Just get up and do them. 

ACTION TO TAKE:  Organise your diary – pen in your workout times and your weekend planning time – Get organised and schedule the coming week every Sunday.  Take time to sit down and plan your meals and work out where you can fit your exercise in around the events you have planned for that week.  And just DO THEM.

Now take some time and Start!!!  I will get your goals from you next week.


To help you with your goals…..


DESIRE:  I want to feel confident about my body – I hate my belly/hips/thighs. The majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes are too tight to do up or uncomfortable to wear and I hate looking at those areas in the mirror.


GOAL 1 :       Improve Body Confidence – to feel more confident especially about belly, hips & thighs. 

MEASURE:     Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of body confidence – 1 being poor and 10 being great).  Record that on your Goal Worksheet.  Repeat at 10 weeks.

PROCESS:  Commit to read the weekly emails to learn skills and tools about how to shift negative focus and become more positive and confident.  Surround yourself with positive inspiring people.

GOAL 2 :       Change Body Composition – reduce body fat to wear pants and tops comfortably without feeling they are too tight. 

MEASURE:     Take Girth Measurements – measure the areas at week 1, 5 and 10 – Aim to lose about 20cm overall by the end of 10 weeks.  All women lose weight in different ratios in different areas.  As you can’t spot reduce, it is hard to guess how many centimeters you will lose but you can aim to lose about 20cm in the 10 weeks.

PROCESS:  Stick to the weekly meal plan and use the tools to nurture emotional needs with non-food solutions.  And complete the weekly workouts.

DESIRE:  Get rid of back pain.  And my abs are so week. 


GOAL 1 :       Get Rid of Back Pain 

MEASURE:     Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of back pain throughout the day  – 1 being pain free all day and 10 being excruciating pain all day.  Record that on your  Goal Worksheet.  Repeat at 10 weeks.

PROCESS:  Practice Postural alignment daily.

GOAL 2 :       Improve Core Strength & Posture

MEASURE:     Take a pic of Posture in the mirror at week 1, 5 and 10.  Also, do a plank endurance test in week 1, 5 and 10.  Aim to work toward improving neutral posture position and plank time by 30 seconds or more.  Also, as your core gets stronger you will be able to do push ups in an advanced level while maintaining good technique.  Aim for 10 full push ups (pain free) by the end of the 10 weeks.

PROCESS:  Do the daily workouts and slowly increase maximal plank hold by 10 seconds per week and increase push ups by 3 extra per week.   Try some from toes.

DESIRE:  Get Fit


GOAL 1 :       Feel less lethargic and have more energy for baby.

MEASURE:     Assess cardiovascular fitness as a measure of daily stamina.  Week 1, 5 and 10 do the 3 minute step up test and aim to reduce recovery heart rate by 20 beats by the end of the 10 weeks. Record that on Goal Worksheet.  Repeat at 10 weeks.

PROCESSSlowly increase level of intensity or time as improvements occur and exercise becomes easier.  About 10% per week.  

GOAL 2 :       Commit to the exercise program   

MEASURE:     Record how many workouts per week do you do now and by the end of the program. 

PROCESS:  Put all workouts in diary and have a backup plan in case something comes up on an exercise day.  Use a calendar and tick off each workout as you go.  Promise yourself $1 or $5 for every workout you do.  At the end of the program you could spend $300 to spend on yourself.