• What is Mummylicious Fitness?

    Mummylicious is a fitness program dedicated to help new mums look and feel fantastic by providing a unique alternative to working out. Our outdoor group fitness classes are specifically designed for new mums to get back into shape after having a baby.  Mums can exercise with baby right by their side either in the stroller or on a blanket or towel.  We incorporate lots of interaction between mum and bub with games, activities and songs so that bub is having fun too.

    Our Stroller Fit program is a mobile stroller circuit travelling throughout the park and stopping for intervals of strength exercises, drills and challenges.

    Our Fit HIIT and Sculpt Fit are shorter 45 min stationary circuits involving cardio & strength intervals (Fit HIIT) or  strength training exercises (Sculpt Fit).

    All sessions are designed to suit all fitness levels and our carefully designed format will help you achieve your fitness goals – whether you want to fit back into that favorite pair of jeans or compete in the Gold Coast Marathon, this class is for you!

  • What do the workouts consist of?

    All classes are lead by a fully qualified exercise physiologist in order to ensure safe and effective workouts for every fitness level including those suffering from injuries or conditions associated with pregnancy or childbirth. Classes run 45 min to 1 hour and consist of a warm-up, cardiovascular exercises (power walking/jogging), strength training, abdominal & core work as well as flexibility & a cool down. The specifics of the sessions vary to keep each class fresh, interesting and motivating. Activities can include circuit training, challenge games, hill runs, fit balls, Pilates, aerobics, beach and sand training. If time permits, class ends with some baby playtime – sing alongs, stories, dancing and we encourage social connection between the mums to feel part of our amazing network.

    Our sessions also offer small fitness tests or challenges to keep you motivated and on track with your progress.  You can also maximise your weightloss or other goals by combining your sessions with our 10 Week Love Your Body Challenge including home workouts, meal plans and comprehensive health & fitness appraisal and goal setting complete with your own Fitness Profie Report,  We will measure your cardio fitness, upper and lower body strength, Body Mass Index (BMI), core strength and flexibility. Your report will show how you benchmark against where you should be and where you can concentrate your efforts to achieve your goals. click here. The weekly lifestyle tips will help kickstart your fitness regime and provide you with motivation and the necessary tools to regain and enhance your pre-baby figure.  There is an extra fee for this program and bookings are essential – call Christine 0409 470 484 for more info or to book your time.

  • Where are classes held?
    Fit HIIT – Paradise Point Park
    Monday @ 9:30

    Stroller Fit – Paradise Point Park
    Wednesday @ 9:30

    Sculpt Fit – Paradise Point Park
    Friday @ 9:30

  • How old does my baby have to be?

    Babies must be at least 6 weeks old, and we require that all mothers must have medical clearance from a doctor or midwife prior to starting our program. We welcome all children at our sessions but for safety reasons, it is preferred that your baby is pre-mobile or at least happy to sit in the stroller for a good portion of the mobile Stroller Fit workout.  We do allow scooters or bikes for older children attending Stroller Fit.  For our Fit HIIT & Sculpt Fit sessions, you can have baby beside you or opt to use our play penned Baby Play Zone complete with baby assistant.  Children of all ages are welcome to these classes.  For the older children we encourage you to bring snacks, colouring books, toys or bikes (please be mindful of allergies when bringing food).  And we welcome all school aged children in the holidays!.  

  • What should I bring to class?
    • Water and a hat
    • Mat or towel for the grass
    • Wear good running/cross training shoes
    • A stroller or baby jogger, but a baby carrier or baby Bjorn will also work, baby blanket
    • Sunscreen and other items to protect you and your baby from Mother Nature (plastic pram cover for light rain)
  • How long are the workouts?

    Classes are 45 – 60 minutes. Classes will start promptly, so please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get you and your baby ready. At the end of the workout we have some baby playtime (stories, sing a longs, dancing) and let the babies interact while the mums socialise and network.

  • What if my baby is having a cranky day?

    Please don’t worry about interrupting other class participants! We are all mums and understand that babies have bad days just like us. Feel free to change or feed your baby during class at anytime and should they just want a cuddle your instructor or baby assistant will be happy to hold them or rock the stroller (when possible) while you continue to work out.

  • What do I do in bad weather?

    Mummylicious Fitness classes will be held in rainy weather under the barbecue shelter except in the case of severe storms or heavy rain.  Please check the website (or Facebook) 1 hour prior to class start time for venue changes or cancellations. If a session is cancelled due to severe weather you will not be charged.  If there are any questions as to whether class is being held please call/text Christine 0409 470 484 .

  • How do I Start?

    Your first week is FREE & then you can decide which one of our membership options best suits your needs and lifestyle. We are now offering a fully flexible weekly direct debit membership, perfect for busy mums! Stay fit with this unique and flexible system that enables you to attend the number and type of classes you choose.  There is no need to pre-book or commit to a regular class type!

    Simply complete our Registration Form, or call Christine 0409 470 484 to book in for your Free Week Trial and once you’ve tried it you can activate the membership that suits your lifestyle.  (Casual sessions are $15 but must be pre-booked 24 hours in advance). Note: Our weekly direct debit membership options require a minimum 4 week commitment, after which your membership remains ongoing with a 2 week notice of cancellation policy.

  • Please contact Christine at 0409 470 484 if you have any questions