Stroller Fit

Stroll your stress away and strengthen your mummy muscles!

Stroller Fit

Wednesday 9:30am @ Paradise Point

Thursday 9:30am @ Cova Blvd, Hope Island (near The Neighbours Cafe)

This is the perfect place to start if you are hesitant about exercise!  Our ever-popular Stroller Fit session includes a cardiovascular component for weight loss, resistance training for strength and toning and core stability exercises to improve abdominal strength and postural support.  We run this session as a mobile circuit, travelling with the strollers and frequently stopping for strengthening exercises, games, challenges and drills.  We incorporate lots of songs and activities so that bub is having fun too!  Every workout is new and exciting so you will never get bored. You will enjoy circuit training, challenge games, bands, weights, body weight training and much much more. And our outdoor venue allows you and baby to enjoy the fresh air, spend quality time together and experience the fantastic Gold Coast scenery!

Stroller Fit also works for those of you who want a little more push too.  Mummylicious Stroller Fit sessions are led by fully qualified exercise physiologists who provide innovative and challenging workouts for all fitness levels and ensure each mum is getting the most out of her workout.  We offer modifications for most exercises to suit those new to exercise as well as those recovering from an injury.  And we ensure a friendly supportive environment so that everyone works at their own pace with no pressure.

The best thing about Mummylicious is the FRIENDS FOR LIFE that you will make!  And after class there’s always an offer to join us for coffee, tea or açai bowls and a chat at the cafe!

Not only will your fitness levels improve, but our classes also help:

• combat the “baby blues”lowres-8668
• increase self esteem & energy levels
• improve quality of your sleep
• decrease anxiety & depression
• you meet other new mums and make life long friendships

Book in today for a FREE trial and see just how much fitness fun you can have with your baby in tow!  Call 0409 470 484 to book your trial today.

How to Join:

Simply complete our Online Registration Form or call Christine on 0409 470 484 to book in for your Free Week Trial. Once you’ve tried it, you can activate the membership that suits your lifestyle. (Casual sessions are $15 but must be pre-booked 24 hours in advance). With our flexible membership option, you can attend Stroller Fit once per week or combine this class with any of our other Bodylicious Series Sessions like Sculpt Fit or Fit HIIT to maximise your results.

Payment Options:

Casual Pass: $ 15 (Bookings Required)


PEAK FIT 3 Sessions/week $25
BODYLICIOUS 2 Sessions/week $20
STARTER 1 Session/week $10

After your FREE week trial you can choose from our weekly membership options with a minimum 4 week term, after which your membership remains ongoing with a 2 week notice of cancellation policy.

Contact Christine 0409 470 484 or email for more info.

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