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Post Natal Exercise

Our exercise programs target the physiological effects and weaknesses caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

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Fun For Bub

Mummylicious helps make nature your gym and baby's playground.

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The small group format lets you spend quality time with your baby in the company of other great mums.

Fit HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - Paradise Point
9:30 am - 10:15 am
December 11, 2023

Baby Friendly & Flexible Fitness!

Bring your baby and join other mums just like you to experience our unique child friendly sessions in the best place on earth - Mother Nature’s gym! Mummylicious will help you regain strength, stamina and happiness through our soul filling, interactive and professionally guided workouts.  Try it for FREE! We guarantee you will love it!  Learn More

  • Weekly Membership

    First Week Free - Register OnlineFREE
    3 Sessions/week$30
    2 Sessions/week$24
    1 Session/week$12
  • NEW 8 Week Challenge!

    Love Your Body in 8 Weeks!!

    Our Love Your Body Challenge helps you learn how to change the way you feel about your body and become absolutely RADIANT! Join us and in 8 weeks you'll learn to how and what to eat, discover your triggers and habits that are holding you back, transform your body composition and change your mindset for life!

I first found Mummylicious on google. I was 7 weeks post-natal and desperate to lose my 20+kilos of baby weight. That was almost 6 months ago, in that time I have completed two 10km events, lost approx 12kg and gained much needed sanity! I could not have done it without Mummylicious.
Jane & Matilda