The Simplest Learn to Run Program for Mums

0 to 5 k

in 8 Weeks!

Mums on the Run

8 Week Program



Never run before?  Or maybe you tried but were interrupted by injury, fatigue or lack of motivation?

Well, you are not alone in your struggle to become a runner.  Running without an effective intensity progression for your changing mummy body can be risky to your health.  A mother’s body is extra prone to injury after birth – things like strains, sprains and stress fractures can easily occur due to the many hormonal changes that takes place postnatally.  But it doesn’t have to be so scary, complicated or hard – we will help make it fun, super safe and designed especially around your stage of motherhood so that in the next 2 months you will be easily running 5K and feeling on top of the world!

This program will take you from walking to jogging by easing you in gradually and safely, using a proven walk/run interval progression that will reduce the chance of joint or muscle injury so that you can really enjoy your runs and achieve 5 km with a smile on your face.

There are so many reasons to join this program:

Is Weight Loss Your Goal? A consistent running program has been proven to increase endurance, muscle tone and metabolism so that your body burns fat all day long – even when you are sleeping.

Want a Challenge to Keep You Motivated to Workout?  This will surely keep you driven to get to the end with the support of a team of mums just like you.  Make this your “me time” to chat, unwind and do something for you while you work your way through the km’s with the challenge of completing a 5km run in mind.

Need To Beat The Baby Blues?  The natural hormones produced during a session will keep you feeling invigorated, balanced and confident.  Your sleep (even if it is broken) will be deeper which will help reduce stress and anxiety levels to help you get through your challenging days.  Some studies have shown running programs to be just as effective as psychotherapy for treating depression and anxiety disorders. Running – the cheapest therapy around!

What does the program involve?

This programconsists of 3 baby-friendly sessions per week plus you will receive a cross training program and a nutritional guidance plan as well as my personal support and encouragement all the way through.

Here’s what one mum says about our last round of Running Mums Bootcamp 0-5k:

The Mummylicious Running boot camp gave me the support, know-how and inspiration to run 5km. Each time we ran further in one hit, 10mins, 15mins, 20mins and 25mins, I couldn’t believe it. Before I didn’t even think it possible. I now believe in myself and my ability to get to the whole 5km and then more. It is so much fun running with mums at a similar stage of fitness and ability and to see each other improve and achieve our goals. Christine is amazing in the support she provides, with her charismatic personality, positivity and passion for helping us mummies to get fit and feel fabulous. I recommend this running boot camp to any mummy (or family or friend) who wants to run, doesn’t believe they can or once did run but isn’t at the moment. If your legs can jog even the shortest distance, you will be able to run at the end of this!


Starts:  Sat Oct 6th – runs for 8 weeks

Runs:   Tues & Thurs 6pm & Sat 6am (3 x 30min sessions per week)

Where:  Lands End Runaway Bay & Broadwater Parklands

Cost:      $150

Register Now: CLICK HERE  (complete prior to purchase to hold your spot)

Or Call or text Christine on 0409 470 484 or email for details and other payment options.

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