Burn Fat While You Sleep

IMG_2334We all love burning fat during workouts but did you realise how many calories your body burns when it’s resting? An average 1 hour Mummylicious session can burn anywhere from 300-500 calories.  But during the rest of your day, you burn up to 3000 calories doing absolutely nothing.

Well, by nothing I mean not exercising. Your body continues to burn calories all day metabolising fat, carbs and protein while you rest.  All of your organs require energy to function, so they utilise energy for blood circulation, respiration and digestion.  Your muscles are part of that organ system too and they require fat metabolism just to exist.  So whether you are resting on the couch or getting some much needed zzz’s, your muscles are continually tapping into your fat reserves for fuel.  

Training your muscles in a workout session increases their tone and bulk. And the more muscle tissue you develop, the more mitochondria or power house cells in those muscles you have.  These cells work hard to combine fatty acids and glucose for energy. So when you have more muscle, you have more fat burning going on all day.

So don’t keep checking your fit bit to see how many calories you burned at Mummylicious.  Rather than your goal being to burn fat in the workout, use exercise as a way of boosting your metabolic state to release fatty acids and create muscle tone.  Then you will be kicking the caloric burn all night! 

Not only will toned muscles make it easier to burn fat, but you will be able to eat more without putting on weight. Guys generally have a high metabolism than girls which is why they can eat more than us and not have to worry about the kilos stacking on. Extra muscle can burn hundreds of calories a day, which even without dieting, can help you lose 10kg over a year. 

So change your focus – gets some weights and start rev that metabolism! Check out our Sculp Fit on Fridays for a great Strength Training Workout.

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