6 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Group Fitness

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While working out at home is a convenient do anywhere option, there’s no doubt about it: doing things on your own can be hard!   It’s difficult to get motivated to keep working out and push as hard as you need to when there’s no one there to force…eehem I mean encourage you to do it.

But not all of us can afford a personal trainer with a new baby and time off work. That’s why one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to achieve the healthiest version of YOU is to join a group fitness program. You get all the benefits of having your own personal trainer without breaking the bank! Here are six reasons you need to get yourself registered for a group fitness program like the ones Mummylicious offer:

1.  Being in a group environment lets you meet other mums and create a supportive network.

Most of what mums do all day is very isolating and now with smart phones and social media, it’s a lot easier to just catch up online while we feed bub or clean the house, but we miss out on the all important physical interaction and connection with other mums that help form a supportive network.

The benefits of a group fitness class is not only physical, but quite often soothes the stresses of motherhood by creating an environment where it’s safe to share your worries and concerns with other women going through the same things. And sometimes just knowing other mums are going to be at the park waiting for you not only as a workout buddy but also for ‘adult’ conversation and support, can make your fitness class a no-brainer and the best part of your day!

2.  You can find a workout to match your goal.

Whether you need to tone up, lose weight, get fit and be more body confident, there is a workout aimed to get you the results. If you’re in need of all of the above, a high intensity interval style workout combining cardio and strengthening exercises might suit you. This style of workout involves short bursts of maximal effort followed by recovery periods that gets you pushing beyond your aerobic limits to train your body to use more fat as fuel while you gain tons of energy for your busy day!

If you are looking to burn fat and tone up, then a strength circuit is for you. Strength training is the most effective way to boost your metabolism and burn fat….and added bonus: it also helps regulate hormones (which are often way out of whack post-pregnancy). Every mum should incorporate some form of muscle conditioning into their fitness program to regulate hormones, maintain a healthy weight and develop strong bones.

If it’s pelvic floor, core strength and balance or just relaxation you’re after, yoga or Pilates are your best bet. The best thing about Mummylicious Pilates is that it runs for 10 Weeks to ensure you effectively work your way through exercise progressions safely and to your individual ability.

3.  You’ll be inspired to become the best version of you.

The best way to push yourself is to find a motivator that maybe a little more fit than you, who will encourage you to push a little harder or hold that plank a little longer. Team games and partner drills at Mummylicious are great for making inspiring connections with other awesome mums just like you. This kind of motivation not only gives you something to inspire to, but helps you break through your plateaus faster than ever!

4.  Consistency is easier.

Registering for our weekly and flexible membership is a great motivator to attend regularly and get the most out of your money. With programs that offer 3 sessions per week, you’ll save you money and keep you accountable. It’s a win win! And the more sessions you get in during the week, the fitter/stronger/leaner you become, which in turn, will be even more of a motivator to continue getting results. Most of us can fit 3 sessions in per week and Mummylicious offers sessions at 9:30am Monday Wed and Friday to suit new mums and those with school aged children. Spreading out 3 sessions over the week is manageable and allows for adequate recovery, which is key to getting results. And you’ll not only feel stronger, look amazing but also gain muscle tone to give you that body confidence we all crave.

5.  Safe and effective exercise programming.

We all have different bodies and definitely respond differently post-birth. So a one size fits all exercise program for postnatal mothers is definitely not recommended. With group fitness, your trainer should assess your health and conditioning, offer a range of exercise options to suit your ability and gage your progress through testing and assessment. Whether you are recovering from abdominal separation or in need of some pelvic floor conditioning, Mummylicious can program exercises that will address your needs. Our Love Your Body 10 Week Challenge, for example, we work through a range of exercises with progressions specific to your stage of motherhood so that you can safely and effectively reach your fitness goals.

A program for mothers, designed by a mother, with options to modify is the way to go! If you don’t feel comfortable with an exercise or feel pain, we simply encourage you to stop, not push through pain and either rest or choose a less difficult more effective exercise that will work for your body.

One of the most important factors of postnatal fitness is to avoid doing too much to soon and to listen to your body. With a personal trainer on hand to gage and supervise your technique, group fitness classes can help you through your journey pain and injury free. And we at Mummylicious are always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Make sure you ask your trainer for advice or additional info – they want to see you succeed – that’s what they are there for!

6.  Fitness can be fun!

Working out at group fitness isn’t all commando screaming and rep counting. It’s a time to have fun, let loose and have a good soul-cleansing laugh. At Mummylicious, we encourage interaction not only with baby but also with each other before class, through the drills, during the cardio and even after class at our coffee catch ups. It’s a great chance to feel connected to the world again, get energised and release a little bit of stress. Because we all know – a ‘happy mummy’ deals with baby and family sooooo much better!

So get connected – book into a group fitness program today – your body, mind and soul will love you for it and so will your family!!  Book in here.


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